Acquisition de la tapisserie "Marie Cuttoli"
The Foundation has recently acquired an important work of art by Le Corbusier which for a long time had stayed in a private collection. "Marie Cuttoli", dated 1936 (160 x 184 cm), is in fact the first tapestry drawn by the artist. It's an outstanding tapestry commissioned by Marie Cuttoli, once a great art collector and patron of her time (her Cubist collection is now in the Musée d'Art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou). Desiring to revive the tapestry style, Marie Cuttoli persuaded some of the greatest artists of the period to translate some of their compositions for the loom. She asked Braque, Dufy, Léger, Lurçat Matisse, Picasso and Rouault who all willingly accepted. The first models were realised from existing oil paintings and were woven in Aubusson between 1933 and 1936. Le Corbusier proposed to transpose a painting showing a feminine nude and tangled cordage with abstract motifs. Marie Cuttoli asked Le Corbusier - as she did to other artists - to draw a large edging, a kind of frame, enhancing the composition. There has been only, one copy woven in wool and silk, with delicate colours.
Acquisition de la tapisserie "Marie Cuttoli"