Re-Corbusier. Sixteen Contem­porary Artworks at Maison La Roche, Paris.

James Angus, Michel Aubry, Pierre Bismuth, Blaise Drummond, Ryan Gander, Rita McBride, Olaf Nicolai, Jorge Pardo, Evariste Richer, Tom Sachs, Simon Starling, Christopher Wood, Heidi Wood

Paris, Maison La Roche, 1st April - 6th July 2015

Fascinated by modernist ideals and the creativity under­pinning them, a great many artists in the past two decades have notably looked to architecture and design as particular sources of inspiration. Through techniques of re-use, quotation, and imitation, they have invoked leading twentieth-century designers and architects, Le Corbusier foremost among them.

Organized upon the fiftieth anniversary of Le Corbusier's death, the Re-Corbusier show will feature some sixteen artworks from the 1990s to the présent-paintings, sculptures, installations-that explicitly allude to Le Corbusier's oeuvre. By way of introduction, a startling 1930 canvas by English artist Christopher Wood, Zébra and Parachute (1930), provides a specific chronology for the phenomenon, being one of the first artistic depic­tions of a building by Le Corbusier (La Villa Savoye).

This exhibition at Maison La Roche (1923-25), which Raoul La Roche had Le Corbusier build as showcase for works by artists notably including Braque, Léger and Picasso, establishes a new kind of relationship-one simultaneously anachronistic and concordant-with the house.
Re-Corbusier. Sixteen Contem­porary Artworks at Maison La Roche, Paris
Blaise Drummond
Towards a Unified Theory of Everything, 2004
Photo : Courtesy Irish Museum of Art, Courtesy the artist
Olaf Nicolai
International, 2003
Photo : Courtesy Galerie EIGEN+ART Leipzig/Berlin
Rita Mc Brid
Settlements (Chandigarh, India), 2009
Photo : Courtesy Alexander and Bonin, New York, Annemarie Verna Galerie, and Mai 36 Galerie, Zurich
Heidi Wood
You Win Some, You Lose Some, part of the series Serving Suggestion, 2001
Photo : Courtesy of Galerie Anne Barrault