Maison La Roche

La galerie de la Maison La Roche © FLC / ADAGP
Le Corbusier et Heidi Weber © Photographie René Burri/Magnum Photos, Fondation René Burri, Courtesy Photo Elysée

Heidi Weber & Le Corbusier - An exceptional collaboration

14 June — 27 July 2023

From 1958 to 1965, Le Corbusier and Heidi Weber, owner of the Mezzanin art gallery and interior designer from Zurich, formed an exceptional partnership. A great admirer of Le Corbusier’s artistic work, her contribution to the knowledge and dissemination of his visual and graphic work has been essential. She also successfully relaunched the publishing and production of iconic furniture created by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand.
In 1960, Heidi Weber commissioned Le Corbusier to create La Maison de l’Homme in Zurich, conceived as a cultural centre dedicated to meetings and exhibitions on architecture and contemporary art. Opened in 1967 after the architect’s death, the Heidi Weber Museum – Le Corbusier Centre in Zurich can be seen as a manifesto for the “synthesis of the arts” that Le Corbusier pursued throughout his life: “There are no sculptors alone, no painters alone, no architects alone. The plastic event is accomplished in a ‘ONE FORM’ at the service of poetry”.

The exhibition is curated by Juan Calatrava, Professor of Architectural History at the University of Granada and President of the Asociación de Historiadores de la Arquitectura y Urbanismo (AhAU), with the assistance of Bernard Weber, son of Heidi Weber.

Maison La Roche
10 square du Docteur Blanche, Paris XVIe
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm.