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Le Corbusier

Works / Architecture

The architectural work of Le Corbusier

Present in eleven countries and four continents, Le Corbusier’s achitectural work and influence are unprecedented in the history of architecture. Over half a century, his architectural work revolutionized architecture by inventing a new language that represented a rupture with the past. It created the birth of three major currents in modern architecture : purism, brutalism and architecture-sculpture.

A prolific architect, Le Corbusier built 79 buildings between 1905 and 1965 all over the world : in France, India and Switzerland, but also in Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Japan, Russia, Tunisia and the United States.

Le Corbusier also designed and sketched many projects, not achieved, for other countries, such as Algeria, Brazil, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Uruguay.

Le Corbusier’s contribution to 20th century architecture is also theoritical, such as his five points of a new architecture, the DOM-INO system, or the principle of the musuem with unlimited growth.