Le Corbusier, Von der Poesie des Bauens © FLC / ADAGP

Le Corbusier

Works / Books


Le Corbusier started writing articles as early as 1910 and published his first book in 1912, A Study on the decorative art movement in Germany. From the famous Towards an architecture, a visionary manifesto that appeared in 1923 under the name of Le Corbusier to the Poem of the Right Angle, nearly 40 books will be published.

Le Corbusier’s writings manily highlight his architectural and urban theories, his thoughts, but also his fight for contemporary architecture. His books also promote his work, wether architectural or plastic, sometimes by integrating more personal elements, such as his initiatory journeys or his taste for folklore.

Le Corbusier, visual artist and man of communication, was particularly attentive to the form of his work. He deployed a strong visual rhetoric.

Le Cobusier’s works, some of which were translated and republished during his lifetime, are known throughout the world.

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