JNA 2023

National Architecture Days 2023

Corbusean sites in the spotlight

The Journées nationales de l'architecture (National Architecture Days), organized by the French Ministry of Culture, are designed to federate initiatives that contribute to the discovery of architecture and its trades by the general public.
The theme of the 2023 edition of the Journées nationales de l'architecture will be "Architecture and ecological transition".

Maison La Roche — Paris

October 14

Until October 14, the Fondation presents Antretemps, an exhibition by matali crasset, inspired by Ecotopia (1975), a novel by Ernest Callenbach in which the author imagines an alternative way of life. An invitation to reflect on the ecological transition!

  • Free guided tours of the Maison La Roche will take place every 30 minutes, subject to availability, without reservation.
  • matali crasset will be on hand from 3pm to 4:30pm to present the exhibition, subject to availability, no reservation necessary.

Site Le Corbusier — Firminy

October 14 and 15

Several events:

  • Guided tour of the Maison de la Culture and Saint-Pierre church
  • Guided tour of the Unité d’Habitation
  • Guided tour of the exhibition Ça bouge en ville! Sport and architecture for tomorrow
Maison de la Culture © FLC / ADAGP / Olivier Martin-Gambier

Cité Frugès — Pessac

October 14 and 15

  • Guided tours of the Cité Frugès-Le Corbusier are available all weekend. You’ll find out about the issues involved in conserving and restoring a world heritage site that must take account of the major challenges of climate change.
Cité Frugès, Pessac © FLC / ADAGP / Filippo Poli

Unité d'Habitation — Briey-en-Forêt

October 13 and 14

  • Guided tours are available for all types of visitors (tourist and school groups, students, private individuals…).

Depending on availability, it is sometimes possible to stay with a local to appreciate the quality of life offered in this “vertical village”.

Unité d'Habitation de Briey © FLC / ADAGP / Charles Humbert

Cabanon, baraque de chantier and Unités de Camping

Come and discover the Cap Moderne complex: the E1027 villa by Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici and the Le Corbusier site where you’ll find the Cabanon, the baraque de chantier and the Unités de Camping during a two-hour guided tour.

Piacé le Radieux — Piacé

October 14 and 15

Space dedicated to Norbert Bézard and Le Corbusier’s utopian project for rural development in the 1930s: models, plans, archive documents, works by Norbert Bézard, etc.

The Ferme Radieuse and the Village Coopératif, which never saw the light of day, were to be built in Piacé and then extended throughout the region. Norbert Bézard was the guiding principle, Le Corbusier the architectural translation.

  • Opening of the Bézard – Le Corbusier space, dedicated to the rural development project imagined by the two men in the 1930s, “La Ferme radieuse et le village coopératif”.
  • Guided tours of the architectural trail
  • Artistic performance