Le Corbusier.  Vers un intérieur moderne

Le Corbusier.
Vers un intérieur moderne

XXIe Rencontres de la Fondation

Paris, Centre Pompidou

January 12 and 13 2023

From his training as a total artist, Le Corbusier retained throughout his career the conviction that the program of “equipment” and that of architecture must be “perfectly coordinated”, making the interior, or “interior architecture” in his own terms, a primary object of his reflection. The XXI Rencontres de la Fondation Le Corbusier will be dedicated to the Le Corbusier’s conception of the modern interior. They will highlight recent and often unpublished research by young and established scholars, whether or not they are Le Corbusier specialists, architectural historians, architects or curators. The aim of the Rencontres is to go beyond the furniture object and reveal the richness of an eminently architectural work. We’ll be looking at the principles and theories underlying the design of a typical interior in the 1910s and 1920s, the multiplicity of furniture and “decorative” creations, and the issues surrounding comfort. Solutions considered for the construction of religious interiors, the question of collaboration and heritage, and new knowledge uncovered by research and restoration will also be presented.