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Symposium « Le Corbusier : de l’unité d’habitation à la ville monde »

Watch the replay of the symposium “Le Corbusier: De l’unité d’habitation à la ville monde”, organized by the Syndicat National du Béton Prêt à l’Emploi (SNBPE) in partnership with the Fondation Le Corbusier at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, on October 16, 2021. Three themes were addressed:

  • Le Corbusier and his housing units: what architectural design for what ideal life?
  • Le Corbusier and the architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries: how did we move from the housing unit to the world city?
  • Le Corbusier in architecture and teaching in France: what are his lasting influences?

In the presence of Joseph Abram (architectural historian), Nicolas Michelin (urban planning architect), Martine Vittu (president of the association des habitants des Unités d’Habitation Le Corbusier), Francis Rambert (director of architectural creation at the Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine), Brigitte Bouvier (director of the Fondation Le Corbusier).