Emile Cornebois, Maison Citrohan, d'après Le Corbusier

Trophee Beton Studio

Émile Cornebois, la Maison Citrohan, d'après Le Corbusier
Emile Cornebois, lauréat du Trophée Béton Studio

Jury rewards a Corbusian project

Emile Cornebois, winner of the eleventh edition

On January 12, the Maison de l’Architecture d’Ile-de-France hosted the final jury for the Trophée Béton, chaired by Philippe Cieren, Director of the Strasbourg School of Architecture. The competition, of which the Fondation Le Corbusier is a partner, is organized by Bétocib, CIMbéton and the Fondation École Française du Béton, under the patronage of the French Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the AAIIA association.

Of the 114 projects submitted, 12 were selected: the candidates defended their work before a jury composed of personalities from the worlds of architecture, engineering and education.

Émile Cornebois, a Licence 3 student at the École Nationale Supérieur d’Architecture de Lyon and the École Centrale de Lyon, won the Trophée Béton Studio for his project based on Le Corbusier’s Maison Citrohan.

He presents his project as follows :

« The choice of this work lies in its obvious qualities: composition of strong forms, volumetry, technical innovation for its time, the question of the relationship to the ground, the use of materiality. The Maison Citrohan raises a number of questions for us today. The first is the use of materials. [...] Playing with its roughness, the question of the light that is going to relate to this materiality, its richly textured aspect. Moreover, using thickness reveals concrete's strong thermal inertia qualities. The second question concerns the fact that this work was conceived in such a way as to be detached from its geographical context... »