Maison La Roche

Lily Stockman à la Maison La Roche

May 28 — June 29, 2024

The artist chose the title of the exhibition, Minotaur, in homage to Le Corbusier’s interest in Greek mythology and his bull figures. For this exhibition, Lily Stockman imagines herself as the Minotaur who, in Greek history, resides in a labyrinth that, while having multiple false paths, has only one true path to its centre.

The Maison La Roche is characterised by a very marked polychromy – including cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, Paris green and various shades of sienna – and framing devices that Stockman explores as a collaboration between the French architect and herself, an American painter.

Minotaur is peppered with references celebrating the rich cultural exchange between French and American artists and writers, from the tribute to the poet Apollinaire to the landscape shared by Joan Mitchell and Claude Monet in Clouds over Vétheuil-Nuages sur Vétheuil. Minotaur marks Stockman’s first solo exhibition in Paris.

This exhibition is presented in collaboration with MASSIMODECARLO gallery.

« Le Corbusier m’a appris à intégrer l’extérieur dans mon travail »
Lily Stockman

Lily Stockman

Lily Stockman lived in Jaipur, India, where she studied Indian miniature painting and spent time exploring Le Corbusier’s buildings. She describes “the surprise of seeing how a small detail can transform the whole of a composition”.

Lily Stockman studied painting at Harvard’s Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, between the curved concrete walls and imposing windows of Le Corbusier’s only building in the United States.

Today, she returns to the architect with a personal presentation of eleven new paintings created for the Maison La Roche.